Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationWild Oats of Ware

16Wings of Ware16Kennelbourne Wide Awake9Chrisolin Cambiare of Styvechale9Scolys Strike Lucky12Leabank Luckstone
9Scolys Sundays Child
9Chrisolin Cantata12Styvechale Sequence of Hobmoor
12Barsac Dressage
12Styvechale Star Bright of Kennelbourne12Stargazer of Quatford12Scolys Starduster
12Laughing Water of Quatford
12Styvechale Sleighbells12Styvechale Courtdale Blue Ensign
12Styvechale Stargazer
9Kennelbourne Flying Wild12High Stepper (2) of Ware12High Venture of Ware12Falconers Enchanter of Ware
0Prudence of Comork
0Mighty Chic of Ware10Mighty Rare of Ware
0Daybreak (2) of Ware
15Winterhaven Terrific12Glencora Moyhill Mallory9Colinwood Cobbler
15Moyhill Wise Girl of Kilbride
10Colinwood Celebrity9Glencora Gallant Star
10Colinwood Kentish Pride
12Falconers Gentian of Ware12Falconers Envoy of Ware12Ouaine Chieftain16Crackshill Tricolour of Ide9Domino of Ide
12Gaytime of Ide
12Ouaine Panderosa12Buryhill Cedar
9Ouaine Pandora
0Falconers Lovesong of Ware12Falconers Herald of Ware12Thornfalcon Fanfare of Ware
0Falconers Brenda of Ware
0Summer Rain of Ware12High Venture of Ware
0Longfield Tinsel
12Halley's Krysanthemum of Classicway10Solidago of Settnor12Ouaine Chieftain16Crackshill Tricolour of Ide
12Ouaine Panderosa
12Sun Dew of Settnor12Settnor Mallard of Merrybray
7Saffron of Settnor
15Halley's Hazy Mist9Halley's Fortune's Choice16Halley's Domino Set
12Halley's Easter Day
0Halley's Bobalink9Bandleader of Broomleaf
0Halley's Melody
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