Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationGlencora Gallant Star

9Colinwood Texan16Blackmoor Brand7Dellah Gay Boy13Sir Galahad of Ware12Manxman of Ware
12Falconers Confidence
9Bungalow Beauty0Bungalow Bertie
12Bungalow Topsy
12Blackmoor Bertha16Blackmoor Bertram7Ottershaw Ricardo
12Blackmoor Navy Blue
9Pierrette of Sorrelsun13Sir Galahad of Ware
9Barberry of Bletchingley
9Colinwood Trigger Gal9Colinwood Firebrand16Colinwood Cowboy16Blackmoor Brand
16Colinwood Cigarette
9Pierrette of Jessely9Colinwood Roughrider
0Stanmays Pierette
0Colinwood Tophill Tara16Colinwood Jester of Glenbogie0Falconers Scotsman of Ware
0Mistymorn of Glenbogie
0Tophill Trinket16Colinwood Cowboy
0Tophill Treasure
0Glencora Treasure9Colinwood Cobbler16Colinwood Jester of Glenbogie0Falconers Scotsman of Ware0Falconers Craftsman of Ware
12Falconers Thrifty
0Mistymorn of Glenbogie12Falconers Mark of Ware
0Rose Marie of Glenbogie
12Colinwood Silver Slipper16Colinwood Cowboy16Blackmoor Brand
16Colinwood Cigarette
0Orburn Navy Nimbus0Springbank Spinner
0Knightwick Blue Tit
9Weirdene Learig Annitra9Aberthaw Commander of Reaghbel12Aberthaw Merchantman15Aberthaw Attraction
0Maid of Murkle
0Queen of Belreagh0Melfort Mustang
16Eulalia of Eyre
0Learig Ladybird0Learig HeadlineUnknown
0Learig Glamour GirlUnknown
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