Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationLochranza Chayn Waymaker

12Harley Sandylands Flare12Gaylord of Woodhaw12Silver Templa of Ware12Silver Flare of Ware12Deebanks Marcus
12Baxter Betty
12Treyford Clover12Whoopee of Ware
12Marley Betty
0Peewit of Ware12Whoopee of Ware12Churchdene Invader
9Foxham Minx
0Wheedler of Ware12Freelance of Ware
16Falconers Cowslip
12Blue Dawn of Ulwell12Whoopee of Ware12Churchdene Invader12Invader of Ware
12 Blue Rocket
9Foxham Minx12Corn Crake
12Foxham Magpie
0Dazzler of Cranford0Ramo12Silver Flare of Ware
12Crownlea Pawnbroker
0Resolution of Ware0 Brocken Burnt Sienna
0Resolis Daffodil
12Chayn Falconers Bertha0Hurnway Advocate13Sir Galahad of Ware12Manxman of Ware12Whoopee of Ware
12Devotion of Lewaigue
12Falconers Confidence12Silver Flare of Ware
12Falconers Caution
0Gorseland Gabriel0Cocktail of Cosham12Whoopee of Ware
12Lady Luck of Cosham
9Gorseland Godsend9Blackmoor Brutus
9Gorseland Gene
12Falconers Greylag12Falconers Workman of Ware13Sir Galahad of Ware12Manxman of Ware
12Falconers Confidence
12Falconers Contest12Whoopee of Ware
12Falconers Carla
12Falconers Hemlock12Dobrow Duke12Dobrow Dash
0Dorette of Sandyhill
12Falconers Careful12Silver Flare of Ware
12Falconers Caution
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