Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationBazel Otto

1Joker of Padson1Blackcock of Lightwater2Dyrons Sunstar1Pinbrook Scamp1Dyrons Sambo
4Brookfield Gipsy
10Dyrons Mustard9Dyrons Hector
12Durban Dina
1Mascot of Lightwater0Celynog Quest1Dominator of Ware
0Celynog Magic
0Nulli Secundus0Relwof Ranson
2Youlden Firefly2Red Cockade of Lightwater1Broadcaster of Ware9Man O' War
1 Mongolian Twilight
0Raven Rill1Rocklyn Magic
0Raven Rusticana
2Red Glow of Lightwater2Dyrons Sunstar1Pinbrook Scamp
10Dyrons Mustard
2Sunshine of Lightwater0Celynog Quest
0Nulli Secundus
1Dunford Judy1Dominorum D'Arcy12Corn Crake12Dyrons Bluecoat15Rivington Trick
12Lady Lamorna
12Rocklyn Betsy0Rocklyn Jerry
12Rocklyn Moormaid
1Dominorum Diana1Driver of Ware0Volunteer of Ware
1Bruton Dora
1Dominorum Dacia1Rocklyn Magic
0Hoyland Nell
1Ottershaw Beauty1Ottershaw Marquis1Hampton Marquis1Arlington Marquis
1Doony Dora
0Forester Jill0Wee Willie Winkie
0Dark Nancy of Ware
0Ottershaw Pearl1Holwoods Peter0Fulmer Pete
1Stedall's Sweepstake
0Waring Queenie12Bob Bowdler
0Pinsley Lassie
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