Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationUrga

9Ahoi Dazzle0Wagtail's Benny9Klakson des Collets9Wagtail's Peter16Wagtail's Tom
10Church Leigh Beryl
9Frimousse des Collets12Wagtail's Jacket Out
9Blackmoor Belle
12Wagtail's Gaby12Wagtail's Victor9Wagtail's Peter
10Charlston Vedette
9Cheerful Juliana12Foxham Migrant
12Gulval Blue Cap
0Urtica's Grietje16Mister No of Sorrel Cottage15Urtica's Zeus12Silver Mist of Ware
15Iolanthe of Limefield
12Blue Bird of Kempston16Blackmoor Bullfinch of Shikar Wyn
0Blackmoor Bluemist
9Ardsdown Caress9Merry Marine12Dobrow Dash
10 Mariner's Glory
12Cobleigh Pride0Vevara Sheik
0Mountjoy Blossom
0Wagtail's Juliana12Wagtail's Ninian12Ninian of Felbrigg12Whoopee of Ware12Churchdene Invader
9Foxham Minx
0Coppington Caprice12Luckystar of Ware
12Coppington Cobweb
15Vexation9Wagtail's Peter16Wagtail's Tom
10Church Leigh Beryl
9Wagtail's Patricia12Woodcock Sarony
9Patricia (Invader x Patsy)
12Wagtail's Gaby12Wagtail's Victor9Wagtail's Peter16Wagtail's Tom
10Church Leigh Beryl
10Charlston Vedette12Vivary Crusader
12Melrose Ruth
9Cheerful Juliana12Foxham Migrant12Silver Flare of Ware
0Cilroc Meg
12Gulval Blue Cap12Gulval Bonson
8Shiplake Ruth of Pershore
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