Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationParkfarm Blue Emperor

12Glowhill Lucklena Melodious Box12Colinwood Silver Lariot12Joywyns Blue Flash12Fantee Silver Sentinel12Cartref Critic
12Headworker of Ware
12Cartref Charmer9Cartref Crown Agent
9Naseby Gay Girl
12Truslers Misty Morn9Colinwood Firebrand16Colinwood Cowboy
9Pierrette of Jessely
12Truslers Tracery16Colinwood Jester of Glenbogie
0Trixie of Truslers
12Lucklena Musical Maid9Domino of Ide12Blue Flash of Ide0Cartref Contender
0Merryworth Mayflower
16Rodwood Lass of Sandover12Falconers Mark of Ware
0Mareway Marie
12Lucklena Melodious Maid12Valstar Glow of Ide12Blue Flash of Ide
9Cobnar Mist
0Lucklena Melodious12Blue Flash of Ide
0Lucklena Melody
12Parkfarm Elizabeth12Skymaster of Branmor16Masterpiece of Brenshu16Crackshill Tricolour of Ide9Domino of Ide
12Gaytime of Ide
0Wisdom of Brenshu10Councillor of Hightrees
0Nobility of Ashleigh
12Angmor Blue Moon10Lyncrest Lemondrop9Domino of Ide
12Lyncrest Lynette
0Angmor Adelaide12Lucklena Musical Boy
0Angmor Charming Chloe
12Wildpark Pegasus0Wildpark Gay Boy12Valstar Comet of Lochina9Valstar Classic
0Arisla Blue Lady
0Springbank NymphUnknown
0Wildpark Dainty Girl0Heathacre Highlight16Bilco of Laugherne
0Dollishill Delight
0Springbank AgateUnknown
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