Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationHolmbush Partisan

12Holmbush Patriot12Woodcock Excelsus12Distinction of Dunkery12Fairholme Rally9Belwell Swell
12Carry Bridge Reminder
12Country Girl12Hooe Roy
12Exotic of Ware12Invader of Ware12Drumreaney Gunner
12Drumreaney Wonder
16Exquisite of Ware12Freelance of Ware
0Trix of Ogmore
12Rocklyn Perfection12Southernwood Critic12Corn Crake12Dyrons Bluecoat
12Rocklyn Betsy
12Southernwood Peggy12Braidwood Blossom
12Netherburn Bute
0Woldland Peggy12Conjuror of Ware12Bunty's Choice of Ware
0Flower Of The Mist
0Anwell Beauty12Peacemaker of Ware
0Swell Maid of Ware
0Judy of Fivewicks0Bachelors Boy of Tipsy12Cooleen Dandy Boy12Ottershaw Radio12Rosemount Spot
0Lady Casper
0Cooleen Pansy12Invader of Ware
0Whimple of Ware
12Joyce of Blackdown12Joyful Joe12Cobnar Critic
12Dore Moor Jennie
0Jacqueline of BlackdownUnknown
0Brockbank Magpie9L'Ile Beau Brummel12Fulmer Ben12Fairholme Rally
9Fulmer Magpie
0Silverwing of Felbrigg12Hooe Roy
0Sireen12Peacemaker of Ware12Hooe Gerald
11Brad'ood Judy
0Brockbank CountessUnknown
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