Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationCobnar Magpie

12Foxham Migrant12Silver Flare of Ware12Deebanks Marcus12Southernwood Critic12Corn Crake
12Southernwood Peggy
12Inquisitive Floss12Rocklyn Ralley
0Lilford Merrygirl
12Baxter Betty12Cooleen Dandy Boy12Ottershaw Radio
0Cooleen Pansy
12Joyce of Blackdown12Joyful Joe
0Jacqueline of Blackdown
0Cilroc Meg12Cilroc Dash12Cobnar Critic12Southernwood Critic
12Falconers Spangle
0Falconers Dot12Rocklyn Mercury
0Redcroft Curlew
12Falconers Vantage12Blaedown Bang12Invader of Ware
9Bampton Nora
12Langmoor Vexation2Pinbrook Sandboy
11Langmoor Flora
0Cobnar Jean12Rocklyn Algie12Dazzle of Dunkery12Fairholme Rally9Belwell Swell
12Carry Bridge Reminder
12Country Girl12Hooe Roy
11Daphne of Dunkery12Fairholme Rally9Belwell Swell
12Carry Bridge Reminder
11Glamour of Ware11Beechgrove Dandy
0Beechgrove Nancy
9Woldland Jean12Southernwood Critic12Corn Crake12Dyrons Bluecoat
12Rocklyn Betsy
12Southernwood Peggy12Braidwood Blossom
12Netherburn Bute
0Woldland Peggy12Conjuror of Ware12Bunty's Choice of Ware
0Flower Of The Mist
0Anwell Beauty12Peacemaker of Ware
0Swell Maid of Ware
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