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male Puck's B/T Alain

Name : Puck's B/T Alain
Gender : Male
Reg number : KCU 6465
Date of birth : 30 November 2011
Country of origin : Uruguay

Additional information

Colour : Black & Tan
French quoted value : Unknown/unspecified
Left Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Right Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Hip dysplasia precision : -
Clinical eye examination : Unknown/unspecified
Result : Unknown/unspecified
Prcd-PRA genetic test : A - Clear
Eye precision : -
Familial nephropathy : Unknown/unspecified
Website : -
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Direct progeny photos
Breeder and owner
No breeder or owner declared as member
Caprice du Château de Glamys
After Eight du Jardin des Rêves
Norman vom Odenwald
Ursino vom Odenwald
Prcd-PRA genetic test : A - Clear
Familial nephropathy : A - Clear
Website :
Jaspis vom Odenwald
Prcd-PRA genetic test : A - Clear
Website :
Ambra vom Odenwald
Isabell von Arnoldsruh
Brown Pokerface von der Dianaburg
Yava von Arnoldsruh
Ursula Andress du Jardin des Rêves
Sharlie Brown du Cap des Trois Espérances
Nemo des Terres Froides
Royal Chocolate du Cap des Trois Espérances
Nastasia's Butterfingers
Dan-L's Chocolate Flamenco Dancer
DC's Uptown Girl vom Buchenberg
Vienetta du Château de Glamys
Twix du Château de Glamys
Rusty James du Cap des Trois Espérances
Ouzo vom Odenwald
Website :
Nelska Chocolate du Parc de la Charmille
Website :
Plumcake du Château de Glamys
Nelson de la Coquinière
Michoko du Château de Glamys
Tornegården's Queen Of Fortune
Natisja's Dance Of Chance
Dan-L's Danfedder
Website :
Kraglunds Kassiopeia
Boots-Cocks Let Your Love Flow
Cardamine Choc Tannin
Dan-L's Chocolate Dirtdancer
Puck's B/T Miss Tricksy
Hailstone's Star Quality
Hailstone's Hippie Hair
Junior de los Milagros
Website :
Monarch's Ambassador
Website :
Hailstone's Inspiration
Hailstone's Arrakis
Quettadene Making Out
Hailstone's Perinola
Hailstone's Pamplinas
Quettadene Making Out
Quettadene Memento
Quettadene Nocturne
Hailstone's Perinola
Hailstone's Dwight Fry
Hailstone's Nonchalance
Puck's B/T Victoria Morgana
Website :
Summerland Happy Start
Lochdene Gambler
Lochdene Bachelors Buttons
Lochdene Raggedy Ann
Gianna de Tobacap
Summermoon Beaming Beard
Website :
Moonlighting de Tobacap
Nosey's Club Golden Glenda
Cheddar Cheese of Pepper Club
Cleavehill Pot Of Gold
Lynwater Smudge with Beligar
Little Big's Miucha
Nosey's Club Gold Heart Breaker
Nosey's Club Black Quaker
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