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female Paisley's Quite A Bit of Claramand

Name : Paisley's Quite A Bit of Claramand
Gender : Female
Reg number : S17207/2001 - KC AC0900483
Date of birth : 27 January 2001
Country of origin : Sweden

Additional information

Colour : Black
French quoted value : Unknown/unspecified
Left Hip Score : B - Nearly normal hip joints
Right Hip Score : B - Nearly normal hip joints
Hip dysplasia precision : -
Clinical eye examination : Unknown/unspecified
Result : Unknown/unspecified
Prcd-PRA genetic test : Unknown/unspecified
Eye precision : -
Familial nephropathy : Unknown/unspecified
Website : -
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Breeder and owner
No breeder or owner declared as member
1Claramand B'Serious
Colour : Black
4Claramand Caruso
Colour : Black & Tan
4Marands Paint It Black for Claramand
Colour : Black & Tan
1Claramand Cameo at Selnna
Colour : Black
2Lujesa Lullaby for Claramand
Colour : Golden
1Quettadene Endeavour
Colour : Black
2Lujesa Summer Breeze
Colour : Golden
1Paisley's Jewel Of The Night
Colour : Black
2Northworth Warrant Officer
Colour : Golden
2Tanac's Play It Again
Colour : Golden
2Northworth Quits With Me
Colour : Golden
15Bright Mornings Purple Rain
Colour : Blue Roan & Tan
2Bright Mornings Jackpoot
Colour : Golden
4Travis Maid To Measure
Colour : Black & Tan
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