Gloriette d'Artémis - Wikipedi illustrationBluebell of Buttsbury

12Blue Flash of Ide0Cartref Contender0Harley Courtier12Cobnar Majestic of Harley13Sir Galahad of Ware
12Cobnar Gem
12Harley Blue Gown12Whoopee of Ware
0Dazzler of Cranford
0Cartref Gay Model12Gaylord of Woodhaw12Silver Templa of Ware
0Peewit of Ware
0Cartref Clover13Sir Galahad of Ware
0 Kadora
0Merryworth Mayflower12Lucky Shandy of Merryworth12Foxham Migrant12Silver Flare of Ware
0Cilroc Meg
12Falconers Candace12Cobnar Critic
16Falconers Copycat
0Falconers Coronation12Alexandran Jasper12Alexandran Crusader's Buzz
0Homeley Sue
12Falconers Corylus12Dobrow Dash
12Falconers Chita
0Bella of Tracey12Falconers Padlock of Ware13Sir Galahad of Ware12Manxman of Ware12Whoopee of Ware
12Devotion of Lewaigue
12Falconers Confidence12Silver Flare of Ware
12Falconers Caution
12Falconers Careful12Silver Flare of Ware12Deebanks Marcus
12Baxter Betty
12Falconers Caution12Cobnar Critic
16Falconers Cowslip
12Whist12Luckystar of Ware12Joyful Joe12Cobnar Critic
12Dore Moor Jennie
12Wildflower of Ware12Invader of Ware
12 Blue Rocket
0Lady Gay of Ottervale12Jester of Halford12Whoopee of Ware
12Blue Vision of Halford
0Tinsel of Swinbrook12Whoopee of Ware
12Bluette of Misbourne
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