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12Falconers Envoy of Ware12Ouaine Chieftain16Crackshill Tricolour of Ide9Domino of Ide12Blue Flash of Ide
16Rodwood Lass of Sandover
12Gaytime of Ide12Chayn Janitor
16Rodwood Lass of Sandover
12Ouaine Panderosa12Buryhill Cedar12Valstar Glow of Ide
12Darnmill Dolly Blue
9Ouaine Pandora12Dellah Merry Maker of Wykey
12Ouaine Merry Melanie
0Falconers Lovesong of Ware12Falconers Herald of Ware12Thornfalcon Fanfare of Ware12Spellbinder of Ware
12Barings Taffeta of Thornfalcon
0Falconers Brenda of Ware0Falconers Craftsman of Ware
0Falconers Ballad
0Summer Rain of Ware12High Venture of Ware12Falconers Enchanter of Ware
0Prudence of Comork
0Longfield Tinsel12Randline Dante of Ware
12Merryworth Mythical
9Chrisolin Cantata12Styvechale Sequence of Hobmoor10Styvechale Marstondale Mandarin12Styvechale Courtdale Blue Ensign12Courtdale Flag Lieutenant
12Courtdale China Craft
15Marstondale Nanette9Domino of Ide
0Marstondale Fan's Lady
0Styvechale Soriana12Styvechale Courtdale Blue Ensign12Courtdale Flag Lieutenant
12Courtdale China Craft
0Styvechale Salita0Kenricdene Cha Cha
0Styvechale Serana
12Barsac Dressage9Wells Fargo of Weirdene16Weirdene Barnscar Fisher12Barnscar Ajax
12Questing Seasprite
12Weirdene Trech Zenda12Joywyns Blue Boy of Ware
12Talwrn Riverbank Romana
9Roydwood Rare Silk12Lucklena Musical Director12Colinwood Silver Lariot
12Lucklena Musical Maid
9Swyndridge Satin Slipper12Dellah Merry Maker of Wykey
12Swyndridge Lucklena Musical Miss
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