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female Sorbrook Airs And Graces

Name : Sorbrook Airs And Graces
Gender : Female
Reg number : KC R4834903S01
Date of birth : 21 September 1991
Country of origin : United Kingdom (The)
No comment
Additional information
Colour : Blue Roan
French quoted value : Unknown/unspecified
Left Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Right Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Hip dysplasia precision : -
Clinical eye examination : Annual PRA examination
Result : Clear
Prcd-PRA genetic test : Unknown/unspecified
Eye precision : Dernier test 1997
Familial nephropathy : Unknown/unspecified
Website : -
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12Bitcon Troubador
Colour : Blue Roan
12Mistfall Meddler
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon Silver Rebel
Colour : Blue Roan
12Ouaine Diogenes
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon Silver Model
Colour : Blue Roan
12Mistfall Mood Indigo
Colour : Blue Roan
12Dearnewood Star Venture
Colour : Blue Roan
12Snowgate Blue Lady
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon Moonlight
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon After Dark at Shadowlands
Colour : Blue Roan
12Normanview Midnight Runner of Classicway
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon Personality Miss
Colour : Blue Roan
12Bitcon Blue Cascade
Colour : Blue Roan
9Crosbeian Cascade
Colour : Black & White
12Bitcon Blue Model
Colour : Blue Roan
10Lochdene Snowflake
Colour : Orange roan
10Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Colour : Orange roan
12Weirdene Workman
Colour : Blue Roan
15Weirdene Within Bounds
Colour : Blue Roan & Tan
12Weirdene Wise Whispers
Colour : Blue Roan
12Lynwater Silver Sheet
Colour : Blue Roan
12Pinkyburn Predominate
Colour : Blue Roan
12Lynwater Russet
Colour : Blue Roan
9Lochdene Spinning Wheel
Colour : Black & White
12Styvechale Storm Cloud
Colour : Blue Roan
12Normanview Thundercloud
Colour : Blue Roan
12Styvechale Silver Delight
Colour : Blue Roan
12Lochdene White Dove
Colour : Blue Roan
12Weirdene Won't Give Away
Colour : Blue Roan
7Glencora Honeysuckle
Colour : Orange & White
Family relationships in the database
With Lochdene Orpheus at Sorbrook
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With Craigleith The Great Waltz
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