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female Olivia vom Moorsbachtal

Name : Olivia vom Moorsbachtal
Gender : Female
Reg number : CSZB 119/C10
Date of birth : 19 April 2010
Country of origin : Germany
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Additional information
Colour : Black
French quoted value : Unknown/unspecified
Left Hip Score : C - Mild hip dysplasia
Right Hip Score : C - Mild hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia precision : HD C1
Clinical eye examination : Annual PRA examination
Result : Clear
Prcd-PRA genetic test : B - Carrier
Eye precision : -
Familial nephropathy : A - Clear
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Breeder and owner
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Family relationships in the database
With Charbonnel Swedish Design
With Tiger Woods vom Moorsbachtal
With Almaleo Simply More
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