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male Gavroche du Domaine d'Haïsha

Name : Gavroche du Domaine d'Haïsha
Gender : Male
Reg number :
Date of birth : 9 August 2007
Country of origin : Belgium
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Additional information
Colour : Blue Roan
French quoted value : Unknown/unspecified
Left Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Right Hip Score : Unknown/unspecified
Hip dysplasia precision : -
Clinical eye examination : Unknown/unspecified
Result : Unknown/unspecified
Prcd-PRA genetic test : A - Hereditary clear
Eye precision : -
Familial nephropathy : A - Hereditary clear
Website :
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Breeder and owner
 The member Domaine_haisha bred this dog
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12Charbonnel Rob 'N' Hood
Colour : Blue Roan
12Terriles Taittinger
Colour : Blue Roan
10Sorbrook Bucks Fizz
Colour : Orange roan
12Terriles Thesee of Fyawenydd
Colour : Blue Roan
12Charbonnel Pash 'N' Fruit
Colour : Blue Roan
12Lindridge Star Turn
Colour : Blue Roan
12Charbonnel Pick'n'Mix
Colour : Blue Roan
12D'Gina du Domaine d'Haïsha
Colour : Blue Roan
10Tripol's Disquys Dalimit
Colour : Orange roan
12Westerner Moon Away
Colour : Blue Roan
12Tripol's Rose Mary
Colour : Blue Roan
12Be Bop A Lola du Domaine d'Haïsha
Colour : Blue Roan
12Pink Floyd vom Rauhen Holz
Colour : Blue Roan
12Füzberki Lady Blue
Colour : Blue Roan
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4 Logs
Dog form modified by Cassandre on 31/05/2011 10:20:28 • Details
Dog form modified by Cassandre on 31/05/2011 10:20:21 • Details
Photo added by Domaine_haisha on 11/10/2007 13:50:17
Dog form created by Domaine_haisha on 11/10/2007 13:49:35
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